P. N. Tiwari
Education would be much more effective if every boy & girl learns to use it as a tool and becomes skilled in using it for giving new ideas from his day to day experiences...

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Manish Singh
Education is an un-ending and on going process. Every student will constantly be exposed to new knowledge and provided an opportunity to gain insight into the future. “Expanding the mind is vital to being creative”.

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If you are in search of Any good school, Why to go far off place Leaving your village or town Why your child To be on unknown land Bereft of his own kith & kin Come to SHEMUSHI VIDYAPEETH Here in this environment Your urge for virtues Will enlighten your child.

SHEMUSHI VIDYAPEETH is an humble effort to take care of each child according to the parameter in which he/she gets pleasure or satisfaction. Actually every child reaches his/her full potential only when he/she is given an appropriate opportunity.

SHEMUSHI VIDYAPEETH is delighted to welcome you at its campus. Based on CBSE board SHEMUSHI VIDYAPEETH admits the child to develop his/her towards human values. Here every child is to be brought up in the peculiar style, “Learn while you learn, play while you play, that is the way to be happy & gay”.

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