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Unlike other schools, the development of infrastructure in SHEMUSHI VIDYAPEETH is fulfilling the basic objectives & aims of the school. Actually the goal of infrastructural development in SHEMUSHI VIDYAPEETH is to increase the motivation for school attendance and to improve academic performance of students. Nine attitudes (cleanliness, safety, comfort, adequacy, exploring, reliability, easiness, equal opportunity, willingness to participate in school activities) have been made the inherent values in determing infrastructure of SHEMUSHI VIDYAPEETH.

The schools we have designed works to:

  • Promote effective learning and teaching;
  • Incorporate new technology;
  • Be environmentally sustainable; and
  • Support community involvement.

The Department supports these learning environments through the:

  • Provision of new and environmentally sustainable schools;
  • Upgrade and modernization of existing facilities; and
  • Ongoing maintenance and rationalization of Departmental assets.