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Institute has large and spacious campus with top class primary facilities and amenities. Campus environment is healthy and supporting for teaching and extracurricular activities. We have spacious and clean classes with good lighting arrangements and also for ventilation.


While realizing the library to be the heart of the school, it has been technically planned in consonance with the academic pursuits. The school is maintaining a unique library of reading materials like magazine, books, newspapers, etc. and commendable collection of audio visual material.

Audio-Visual Room

The School has a dedicated audio-visual room with multimedia projector, which is used in Audio-Visual teaching. Complex concepts are easily understood by the students when they are taught in this system.

Sports & Art

Involving students in activities like Science Exhibition, Educational Tours, Field Trips, Sports, Music, Fine Arts and Performing Arts helps in evolving a multi-dimensional personality. This is why children enjoy a satisfactory growth process from nursery age to teenage.

Computer Laboratory

The school has a well resourced computer laboratory to acquaint the students of all the levels with the latest techniques of Computer Science so that they may be able to use this learning in their practical life.

Physical Education Department

Healthy brain lies in healthy body. Realizing this, the school has developed large ground for the various sports activities of the students. The physical education department of the school provides outdoor and indoor games facilities, such as Kho- Kho, Basketball, Badminton, Cricket, Volleyball, Table Tennis, etc.

Medical Facility

The School has an in-house staff nurse to look after the medical needs of the students. For this the detailed record of the medical history of each student is maintained, so that appropriate medical care may be provided.

Music Room

The music room of the school is enriched with various musical instruments. The school offers a wide range of other activities like, dancing, singing in choir, folk dances etc.


School also provides for transportation like its school vehicle for convenience of the school students.