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Shemushi Vidyapeeth's primary section lays an overarching emphasis on the development of reading, writing and recitation skills through an interactive teaching style. This helps in improving the analytical and logical skills of our students.

To broaden a student's base of holistic education, children are exposed to a variety of independent and group activities that may include projects, assignments or worksheets. This is complemented substantial technology-aided teaching tools. This helps in stimulating a feeling of self-reliance, creativity and identity in our students.

Our tried and tested approach is to keep the fear of examinations at bay and ensure that the child's learning is stress free. To this end, we have discontinued regular written examination in our primary section and instead have opted for a grading system through an ongoing, comprehensive system of evaluation. Here, concepts are introduced through a hands on approach. This engages the student's and assists them in understanding the concept and not just committing it to memory.