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At the pre-school level, the fundamental objective is to not make formal learning a monotonous for children. We accomplish this by adopting play-way teaching methods. At Shemushi Vidyapeeth, we make pre schooling effective and interesting. This encourages children to look forward to being in school each day.

Our classrooms are designed specifically to engage young minds and include a variety of interesting books, age appropriate toys, and activity centers. A specially designed dollhouse, library and activity room, recreation park with swings, slides, rockers, and similar more play equipment make our learning environment fun and fascinating for the young children.

At Shemushi Vidyapeeth, we have designed our curriculum in a way that is best for a child's mental and physical development. We actively teach concepts of language, number work and general knowledge. Classrooms are equipped with LCD televisions to audio and visual learning. This is supplemented with storytelling, conversation, intersecting and challenging projects, rhymes and various other teaching aids.